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22 February 2013

Registration/Payment deadline
21 March 2013

CLGE General Assembly 2013
22-23 March 2013

Dear CLGE Delegates,

The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors will gather from 21 to 24 March 2012 in Budapest (Hungary). Our General Assembly is coming closer and therefore I am pleased, together with our Hungarian Colleagues and Friends, to invite you to attend this promising meeting. I hope that most of you will take part and urge you to register soon. Don't forget that we will not only have our General Assembly but also celebrate the second Day of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation on 22 March 2013!

Since we managed to get the European Space Expo, together with our Galileo celebration and the Day of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation in Budapest, this is really a good opportunity for us to raise profile. This also requires a good attendance and we hope to see a lot of you, together with your partner, as early as the 21st March at noon. That afternoon, you will indeed be able to attend the English part of the Hungarian seminar about GNSS and the role of Galileo in our professional future. We managed to offer you the attendance of this seminar for free and hope that a solid CLGE delegation will be present. The closing of the seminar is also the ice-breaker reception of our General Assembly. It will take place in the European Space Expo. This reception is also offered for free, for you and your partner.

You can see that this is an exciting programme and we hope that you will enjoy it!
In the name of the full CLGE Board, I already thank Gyorgy and his Hungarian organizing team as well as Marie Ménard and her European GNSS Agency for the preparation of our first GA 2013!

Sincerely yours,

Jean-Yves Pirlot

Jean-Yves Pirlot
CLGE President

Dear European Surveyors, Colleagues, Friends!

On behalf of the patrons and organisers we are happy to warmly welcome you to Budapest on the occasion of CLGE General Assembly in spring 2013.

All of us have had to experience and recognise the dramatic technological changes and the evolution of our traditional profession in the ever changing economic and social environment of the recent years.

Consequently, there is an increasing demand for new answers to new challenges in our professional society. It is not necessary to overemphasize the vital role of geodetic surveyors in land management, in real estate services, in topographical mapping, in technical measurements and in all kind of services, related to geo-information. Whilst it is obvious for us, it is not so obvious for the average citizens not even for politicians and decision makers in parliaments and municipalities.

We have to join our forces and knowledge in order to figure out, how we could strengthen the prestige and reputation of our profession and find newer institutional roles, tasks and responsibilities in the everyday life of our countries.

The CLGE General Assembly is a primary forum for European surveyors with the aim of providing a platform for sharing ideas and discussing about the most current issues of our profession, and shape out strategies, policies, recommendations, and answers.

Moreover this year is an exceptional one, because we as geodetic surveyors have a pleasure to celebrate the second "European Surveyors' Day" with an en interesting, notable local in­-service seminar on almost the same date as the General Assembly.

This seminar (among many others) will deal with planning and implementation of 3D cadaster, services, future development of GNSS, renovation of utility inventories and results of remote sensing applications.

Also we can expect some synergies with the Space Expo exhibition organized by ESA-GSA.

On behalf of Hungarian surveyors we wish a very efficient, meaningful and effective meeting for the important topics, moving forward in direction to our successful future.

In addition to this, on behalf of the patrons and organisers we wish to all of the participants a pleasant stay in Budapest. At the same time we kindly recommend to take the opportunity, and spend a little time to become more familiar in the cultural program opportunities of our colorful, pulsating capital city.

Good Luck,

Prof. Dr. József Ádám Gyula Bíró Ernő Holéczy
Prof. Dr. József Ádám Gyula Bíró Ernő Holéczy
President of MFTTT President of MFGVE President of MMK-GGT